Mittwoch, 28. Juli 2010


Sunday evening in Mitte: Where it is usually very busy and packed with tourists, you can now find an intimite moment in front of the Bode-Museum. There is silence, there is waiting and there is curiosity. But mostly, there is relaxation. The sun is setting, it is getting chillier but the stairs where I sit keep me comfortably warm. Then, finally, an acrobatic move of the conductor and I can already feel the soundwaves of the trumpets squeezing my torso (I am sitting in 10 cm distance from five trumpet, trombone and tuba players).

And then the beauty begins: First with Benjamin Britten and then Peter Tschaikowsky - Symphony No 5. The musicians of Lietzeorchester gently stroke their hands over their instruments and completely dazzle the grateful audience.

Berlin, I like! Lietzeorchester, I like! Open air Tschaikowsky, I like!

More, more, more......

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