Mittwoch, 28. Juli 2010

Liebnitzsee: Clash of Cultures

Some weeks ago: It is my Liebnitzsee-Premiere. Unbelievable, but I have never been to this beautiful place a stone's throw away from the hectic city before.

A small beach spot in the middle of the forrest wilderness: pure nature, crystal clear is so beautiful...
But ahhh, what is that?? All these naked people...everywhere... shaking their a...., p...., and b.... over the lakeside. It makes me breath short. Is that some pervert insider place, where all those people come who love to make out in front of others? Think, think, think... Oh no, wait, there are too many kids around for open air adult perversions. But what is it then: I am afraid, it is compulsory to hang around naked here and start to make a plan how to get out of the situation without appearing as a prude party pooper.
Then finally my friends shed light on the "red-light"-issue. Here are the results:
1) We are in East Germany. Many people spending their weekend at Liebnitzsee are from East Germany.
2) Many people in East Germany ("Ossis") grew up with nudist/naturism beach culture and still celebrate it. It is something very normal and has no sexual relevance.
3) People from West Germany ("Wessis") are usually considered to be prude because of their inhibitions to join the nudist-cult (although there are many who love it as well).

--> Clash of cultures at Liebnitzsee


  1. I've never understood why western german people, especially young people, are so curious about eastern Germans mentality about nudity. ;)

    Somehow its very funny seeing these differences.

    By the way: taking pictures in this case can easily lead to voyeurism reputation you little pevert kiki :)

  2. ... I will not comment on that. Seriously? "Celebrate" it? Just take off your clothes, it's not a celebration! And there are also a lot of Wessis there now, thankful for this beautiful place.