Dienstag, 6. Juli 2010

Sibel Kikelli in "When We Leave"

How much pain can a woman stand? How much can you suffer before you break? What does it take to escape from your personal hell? Why do you need to justify the pursuit of happiness? How much do you love your family if you let them destroy whatever you have? How much power do the rules of a social microcosm have to turn you from a loving parent into a cold blooded robot? How much humiliation and abuse is necessary to make your environment realize that you are a victim? How many degrading things can happen to you at once? What means family if they cast you out? Why do some people think violence can replace words and comprehension? What if life hates you? Why why why?

Watch Feo Aladag’s very emotional and melancholic “When We Leave” with the amazing Sibel Kikelli in a family portray between Germany and Turkey, modern spirit and tradition, destruction and love. Maybe you will find some answers….or not.

“When We Leave” (Die Fremde) (2010) - ****

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