Montag, 12. April 2010

Rosa Bernstein is going to the Sneak Preview...

...and is expecting a lot this time, after watching "Vincent will Meer", "Crazy Heart" and "An Education" during the Sneak Previews last month.

Here is my TOP-3-would-be-awesome-to-see list:

1. CHLOE: with most interesting actress in the world Julianne Moore. I am still dazzeld by her georgous (although smashed) 60s look in "A Single Man".

2. BAARIA: Sicily, one familiy, three generations and the stories of their lives: who can resist that movie? (For those who aren't convinced yet: You will miss the sensual italian icon Monica Bellucci)

3. THE HUNTER (Zeit des Zorns): well received movie at the Berlinale 2010. A man in Teheran/Iran is leading a dull life after getting out of prison. One day he has to find out that his wife died in riots. This is when he is about to lose control.

PLEASE GOD save me from "Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky". This is too much drama (of no relevance) for today...
Well, I'll let you know asap what I finally got.

What would you love to watch today?

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  1. Chloe.... great Atom Egoyan, beautiful pics of Toronto, great actors... cheesy result.
    Baaria... Tornatore at its best, you can feel Amarcord, you can remember Novecento, great Italian master piece!