Sonntag, 1. August 2010

Current Glasses Wishlist

In case the glasses fairy shows up tonight and allows me three glasses whishes, I want to be prepared:

First: Brand: Shoron Glasses
Frame: Freeway
Color: Demi Amber
Reason: This frame is a nice compromise between round and angular shapes. The skew sides give your face a delicate shape and last but not least: The color palett of "Demi Amber" is so beautiful, I could cry. It goes well with blondish, brownish or redish hair. These are just perfect autumn glasses.
Brand: PRISM
Frame: Paris
Color: Zebra Horn or Crystal GrayReason.
Reason: These frames come in a nice round shape that isn't face filling. It is more discreetly assimilating to female faces but still being fashionable with modern shapes and different colors. The zebra horn color looks very new and interesting with the strong bright-dark contrast and goes well if you wear simple sleek looks without to much color or patterns. The crystal gray just looks nicely fragile and is less severe but more playful.
Brand: Moscot
Frame: NEBB
Color: Orchid/Pink
Reason: I like the idea that a small traditional eyewear familiy business gets inspired by Chris Benz and throws out these funky glasses that come in eyechatching colors. The frame has a nice unisex shape that gives you a friendly look, because it doesn't cut away or distort your eyes, it just nicely surrounds them .


  1. Oh my god please NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. The Zebra horn is a you-don't-see everyday item and looks great. I'm not so convinced of the transparent plastic, this shapes are great but
    it looks so much like a toothbrush body.